What do whites get?


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I realize that Blacks are superior, and we deserve to be servicing You.

But what do whites, especially white boys, get in the Black world? Do we deserve sexual satisfaction? If so, where should we get it if the white women are owned by Black?
IMO, we only get to jerk off. No blowjobs, no handjobs, nothing. We get to jerk off and be the cleanup boi. That's it.
you get to serve, it's an honor to serve black men and women and you should be grateful.
White sissies get to be turned into feminised whores,slaves,sissy maids and such things unless we resist and become too much to be trained,,like me.When i kept fighting and refusing to comply my wife had me sent to be reprogrammed at boley prison.I was sold to my wifes black boyfriends brother and was totally feminised when taken to meet my black husband and from then on learned to live as a sissy white whore for black cock.After training was complete my owner and i were released and live next to my wife and her man and im happy to say I work very hard doing what ever im told as a prostitute to suport the new family my wife has started.
since years i let down my manhood, i worship black cocks, live only to satisfy blackmen, promot black men, and and convert white girls and bois throw my personal blog, facebook, to be bbc only sluts,
i am also a REAL black Owned faggot, giving my phat white azz to blackmen only.! :)
I think Netti has it right.... Even when not going out of their way to dress or act girlie, one can clearly see in everyday life that white boys have femmed out. I think that within the realm of sissy white boys, if left isolated and undisturbed by niggers and white women, a new culture will arise from the ashes of the old where the most fem of the white boys will become the dressed, manicured, pampered, and beautiful wives of the less fem of the white boys... This new white husband will only be "husband" material in this isolated community. Once he steps outside of said community, he will be viewed as just another cunt white boy by the niggers, arabs, and white women dominating the main culture. In fact, this scerario is playing out in all major cities across America.... Gay communities are growing by leaps and bounds. The next all white version of the "Leave it to Beaver" 1950's will be Ward, the so-called alpha of the sissy whites, coming home to Brian, the new June Cleaver. Brian will be wearing white pearls, a frilly dress, feminine apron, heels, and make-up. Brian and Ward will have 2 adopted boys, Wally and Beaver, who play with dolls, play dress up, and sneek porno mags from Ward's closet that features big buff niggers frolliking with white women.
Blacks are not superior they are human like us, blacks are men and women and whites are boys and girls nothing more not superior just our natural leaders, as time goes by more and more boys and girls will continue to see this and conform to how nature intended.

We as boys have issues, many suffer from low self esteem and insecurities in the beginning. As males we grow up being told we will grow up to be men, we will fall in love with a woman, get married and have kids of our own. Then we go through puberty and find ourselves not men but boys with a desire for a man. We are often confused and look around for someone that will understand. As a boy with desires more inline with that of a woman many or most of us turn to females looking for understanding.
In the end the only way we over come these issues is to understand and accept who we are so let me explain what a boy is and why we are who we are.
We are an act of nature.
Like it or not this is a male dominated society, in our society from a sexual stand point there are three types men heterosexual, homosexual, and Bisexual and as in nature, nature provides for each. In other words if all males in our society we heterosexual there would be no need for boys like us, so boys like us would not exist but not all men are heterosexual so nature provides us boys to fill that need. So as a straight woman is here to be a mate for heterosexual men we boys are here to be a mate for homosexual men. As boys we need to accept that this is who we are, nature made us this way to fill a need and by accepting this we accept ourselves.
This is also why most boys feel a strong connection to females. we have so much in common, in our nature, natural instincts that I believe it is just natural we feel a kinship, a desire to be a part of the sisterhood.
So why are their homosexual men at all well if we stick to the natural, nature theory then homosexual and lesbianism is natures way of controlling and reducing the population, we do not procreate...well those of us that are wealthy enough to afford the medical bills can in some form but most of us do not.
I believe this is why we are seeing a rise in society of homosexual and lesbian issues because there is a rise in homosexuals and lesbians in recent times or as the population grows, the Homosexual, lesbian community grows in a even greater proportion in an attempt to control the population.
If society would accept these things than the problems within society about who we are, why we are how we are would be a thing of the past but that would take a society of intelligent people with common sense and that kind of thing went out with Christianity.
The ignorance of society say that we are not natural, that it is a choose, this is all just ignorance and fear, even among the animal in nature homosexual, bisexual and lesbianism exist, the ignorant explain this fact away by saying "they are animals they do not know any better". Really I do not know about you but that statement give me a headache?! Really I have heard some stupid shit before but how do you wrap your head around a statement like that?!

In a NWO there will still be gay black Men (Masters) that need boys and straight black women will still need boys to play with also this is pointless.

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