What happened on the honeymoon


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So this is my first time to ever tell a story...but I have been a long time fan of porn, and stories and honestly never thought I would ever have a story of my own to share. Well now I do and since I found this website, I figured this is the place to share...

So my fiance and I just got married and we went on our honeymoon to St. Lucia. Well everything was wonderful, and we have always had a wonderful sexual life as well. But things took a interesting turn while we were there. The first two day and nights we explored the island and got ourselves use to the place, and had our great great honeymoon sex, since we had stopped having sex for about 4 months before the wedding. Now the second day is when things change. I decided I wanted to play the golf course there at La Toc, since I figured how many guys can say they played golf there. So my fiance said she rather stay back and relax by the beach or pool and maybe get a massage. Sure thing, sounded fine by me. So I headed out and played a pretty good game that day and was pretty impressed with myself. On returning back to the resort I found my fiance laying on the bed asleep naked but barely covered by the sheet. Now being on our honeymoon, you know I was already horny and excited to see this, so I stripped and crawled into bed and started to kiss and caress her. She woke up and was happy to see me but I noticed she seemed hesitant a little, but I just thought it was being woken from a sleep. As I started to fuck my newly bride I noticed she was a little more wet or should we say slippery then normal, and a little more loose, but just thought that it was the excitement of everything. Well we had a great love making session, more rather I dirty one. It was hot to me you could say, and emptying my load in her was the great ending to the start of my day...as I pulled out I noticed my cum oozed out, more like came running out you could say...and what a turn on too. We got up and headed to the huge stand up shower we had in our room to clean up. As we were in the shower, I told her about my golf game and all and asked how her day was, and she was quick to answer fine and that was it. So I was like what did you do and she was like this and that, and wasn't really in the mood. So I pried more and more that is when I got the answer I wasn't expected. She started to say I am so so so sorry and I didn't mean for it to happen and the usual spill. I was like what happened, thinking she over spent on something. And this is the answer I got...I was out by the pool and decided to get a cabana to relax in and read and take a nap, when I got offers to bring me drinks and I was like heck yea, so I had a few, ok quite a few drinks. Then I got asked if I wanted a massage and they could do it in the cabana, I was ok thought they would send down a woman to massage me, but it was a guy. I didn't think anything of it. He massaged me and about i don't know 20 minutes into it I felt him getting closer to my pussy and under the towel. And baby you know how I get when I am a little drunk, well horny as hell, and I didn't act on it. That was until he got to my pussy and started to finger me, I just laid there thinking ok this feels good and it wouldn't go any farther. I was wrong, he turned me over and pulled me to the edge and started to eat me out. I was thinking ok it's a happy ending and that will be it. He was eating me out for a good 15 minutes and I was lost in the enjoyment, when I felt his dick start to enter me. I didn't even know he had it out until then, and when I looked down I was like uh no, thats ok sir, you have done quite enough for me, but when I saw his dick and he pushed in the head I lost it, and was into it...Thats when I asked her, what are you kidding me, and she began to say no, I am so sorry and all. Me being a guy I wanted to know more...and she continued to tell me as I had to pry more out of her. She said it was like I felt naughty and I couldn't help but enjoy him fucking me. he started out so slow and soft. Now baby you are the biggest I been with and you know I love and brag about your 8 1/2 inch dick, but he was bigger, and I think that is why I didn't stopped 100% also too, because I was in shock. He pushed inch by inch into me until he was all the way in. I have never felt a dick like that in me before baby, and I am so sorry. He pulled out and pushed it back in in one stroke and it felt great, he started to fuck me harder and harder slamming me with that huge dick of his, actually cock. It had to be 10 to 11 inches long and a beer bottle thick. He got on top of me and pushed my legs up to my head, and pounded me, I watched every inch disappear into me thinking I can't believe I am doing this. I remember being turned over and him fucking me from behind, and feeling his balls hit me, and I was looking out the cabana towards the ocean and could see people walking by, thinking I am getting fucked by the biggest dick I have ever seen in person on a beach and people don't even know it. Thats when he started to pound me so hard it kinda hurted, and with a finally pound he had cum in me. He pulled out and it felt so weird, like I was wide open. He thanked me and winked and left. thats when it hit me baby, and I tired and came back here. and I guessed I passed out. So I asked her, so I just fucked you with another guys cum in you. At first I was pissed and everything, but I told her it's our honeymoon, and told her how I have always had a fantasy about that. So anyways I was hard again and we went to town again. But the best part was, the next day he came to the room for another massage she had booked, and he was surprised to see me there, but I told him I knew and it was ok. So next him and I both enjoyed her, and I have to admit, seeing her getting pounded by his what I can describe of a huge cock, was a big turn on...nothing like seeing your bride sucking our already big dick getting fucked by another even bigger dick. we shared her the rest of the honeymoon, and we left there a happy newlywed couple.
well I can tell you some more...this happened on day two and three, so next time I saw him I asked him if he would do me a favor...I wanted to watch him fuck her again, but I wanted to come in like I was surprised to catch them...basically to see if see would be willing to again. He said sure...so the next day we got back from snorkeling and she said she was going to go take a hot shower...and I figured this would be a perfect time, as I told her I was going to go down to the bar and get some wine and more beers for the fridge. I went and found marcus and told him she was alone and in the shower. I told him the patio was open as you can walk in and out of your room to the beach. Well I waited about 15 mins or so and went back to the room...I snuck in and thought they be in the bed, but I didn't see them, part of me thought that she didn't do anything and just sent him on his way, then that when I heard them in the bathroom. I peeked in, and saw Jen on all fours getting fucked by him...he was giving it to her hard and she was in total pleasure for sure. She saw me and turned red like in an oh shit I'm caught, but I just dropped my pants and walked up and put my dick in her mouth. She just looked at me like thank you baby thank you...we fucked her for a good while, when he picked her up still sitting on his dick and carried her to the chair out on the patio and laid her on her back and pinned her legs over his shoulders and piled drove her and pounded her like I was like wow, how can she take that..all I could do was stand there and watch them fuck. I did see some other people walk by and look like OMG but never said anything. She did reach other and stroke my dick. Then about 10 mins went by and he pulled out and blasted all over her chest and face. Then he got dressed wink at me and walked out. Then her and I took a shower and cleaned up and had our own fun. Only one more thing happened, and it was the best one, tell y'all a little later
;) a good story thanks and more to come i hope... :-*
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Ok, so after those two great fucking sessions, we talked about what has happen. she asked me if I am mad or upset with what has happened. I told her the truth that it was a big turn on and that if she was comfortable with it i was too. She said she never expected something like this to happen but said that it was a great experience and glad that it has happened. We talked bout other things...anyways on to the last part of the trip. I thought why not one more time, I wasn't sure if this would ever happen again, once we got back to the states and real life sinks in. So I found marcus again and said one more time bud. He said anything i want. So i figured the same setup, she be alone and I come back. So on the last full day we were there she was laying out on the patio sunbathing and relaxing before our last night out. I went down to find marcus and told him she was out on the patio and to go for it. This time I waited about 30 mins because I got lost actually around the resort. But when I got back I figured he would be fucking her and I was right, but here is the total surprise. I walked in to the room and there she was riding him reverse cowgirl leaning forward sucking on another guys dick. I was totally caught by surprised, I looked at marcus and he just smiled at me, and Jen pulled the guys dick out of her mouth and said hey baby, I am having the best honeymoon ever, come join us. So I stood there in stock still really for a few more mins, as the guy she was sucking grab her off marcus's dick and bent her over and slide his dick in her. He was just as big as marcus just not as fat. Here is my new bride bent over sucking one big dick and getting fucked by another. So I stripped and walked up to the side of the bed, and she reached and grab me and sucked me. We all spent the next two hours passing her around and fucking her. Seeing her get fucked by two other guys in front of me was amazing. We all three came in her them at least two or three times and me the last time, I remember when I was pushing my dick in her watching their cum ooz out around my dick. I watched as she sucked their limp dicks clean and they left. So now we are back and I am wanting to do it again...so we will see what happens now.

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