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i need some guidance to know what photos u'd most like to see on my blog:


feel free to list more than one, or add ones i haven't listed. i just want to please my readers ;)

-- black creampies a white female
-- white pussy loaded up with black seed
-- cuck scene where white husband/bf watches a black fuck his wife/gf
-- cuck cleaning up a loaded white cunt
-- cuck cleaning off a big black dick
-- black fingering a white pussy
-- white bitch sucking black cock
-- white bitch getting fucked
-- black fucking a white slut's ass
-- "safe for work" pic of a fine black
-- "not safe for work" pic of a fine black
-- "safe for work" pic of black thugs
-- "not safe for work" pic of black thugs
-- black gangbang
-- white girl with cum-covered face
-- captions with the word black
-- black fucking a milf
-- black fucking a daughter
-- kissing pics
-- hair-pulling, choking, and smacking pics
-- club pics with niggers hitting on white girls
-- specif porn stars (shane diesel, flash brown, janet mason, etc.)

-- other
Yea definitely all of the about but I'd also like to add pics with captions about sisters, moms and girlfriends. I feel like there's too many captions about wives and daughters and as a 20 year old who isn't married with children I don't really care for those.
I would love to see a white cuck husband licking the soles and sucking the toes of a black man's feet while the man fucks the cuck's wife. That would be TOO hot!
I would like to see hair pulling and face slapping of the woman.
I would like hubby to clean bulls cock and also fluff the bull.
Captions about older married women seducing young african american playing basketbll in front of the house.
Here are some ideas

-cuck licking clit while bbc is in it
-cuck and female sharing cum, cum swapping
-wedding rings on female
-arabs on bbc

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