White Slave Academy: Lesson 1



Here's the first lesson of my serie "white slave academy". I think that's really hot!!! I hope that it enjoy you!!

See you in the next level!!!


Nice! Well hort the download. It reminded me of sometimes thinking : "this girls deserves to be given as a pet to a large family of africans..."
Fucking great production. Can´t wait for lesson number 2 and 3 and 4 and....

Keep up the good work!
wow.... best one I have ever seen!!! cant wait to see more! great work! cant wait till the anal lesson! and maybe one for the white sissys! :)
Fantastic work thank you for the great effort you went to to produce such a fantastic piece of art like all the others i cannot wait to see more of your work :)
Truely great video !!!!

I can't wait to see the next lesson, hard anal ( my absolute favorite ).

I really hope this is the start of a long running series, because this is the
best stuff of its type I've seen so far, and I want to see more ... lots more ...
lots and lots more ...

MY GODDDDDDDDDDDD IS THE MOST NASTY VIDEO I SEE IN MY LIFE POOR GIRLS ,,,,,i can t believe the black men treat all women like this !!!!! ????
Hi to everyone!!

I'm working in the new chapter. I'd like that you give me some ideas to include in my new edition. I think that we can make a veri nasty BBC composition.

I'm waiting for your ideas.

See you soon!!
I hope it filled with big black cocks tearing white girls assholes...... and white girls having to lick black ass. Any thoughts on doing a sissy for black cock one as well?
Talk about how someone can request WSA take a faithful woman not in to interracial and turn her in to a Black Cock Slut. Haven’t you always wanted to see the pastor’s wife loosen up and go wild. WSA can turn that saint in to a sinner. How about that hot neighbor wife, you know the devoted newlywed.

Just hope someone doesn’t request this service for your faithful loving wife.
The next one should definitely be BBC pounding white girl asses! Thanks for the first one. It was incredible!
I am with ZUG all the way. Need to have a loving devoted faithful woman inticed, then interested, then touching one, then she cant get enough of black dick. No matter how many times she apologizes to her hubby. She just cant stop her self. Finally She Is laughing and pointing at him while he is crying and devasted over her complete change hehe

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