White slave contract



When my master kindly took me into his household, took ownership of me and made me a slave he had me sign a contract. I never read it I would always do what he wanted anyway.

Now he has a new whore to fuck and he is planning on making her a slave too and he has written a contract for her. He let me read it. It was long so I'll just post what I remember.

She is to give him all her money, ID and possessions.
He isn't responsible for any illness or harm to her.
If she gets pregnant then he isn't financially responsible.
She can leave when she wants but he keeps everything
He can throw her out if she breaks the contract or if he wants.
She would be a maid for him and would not be paid.
Any money she earns goes to him.
He would buy her things but these would remain his.
There was a list of things she would do with sex.

Hopefully she will sign it for him.

I'm glad I never read it because I think back then I would have been too scared, but I'm glad I did sign it.

What would you have in a slave contract?
I never signed a contract. But what u put here is to me the important parts. The rest would be up to each Master. But the important things are that he/she gives themselves totally to their Owners. However to me, the slave wouldnt have the right to leave, but I suppose thats different from Master to Master and slave to slave.
you're right my master is very generous for giving me the right to leave. But I never would I am his slave forever. Though with no money, ID or clothes even if I wanted to I really couldn't.

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