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Tina, my wife of 3 years (she's 48) is a milf. She blonde, good body, 5' 6" soccer mom type. She works for a state agency with about 12 other women in her division. Her former boss was a woman who retired 3 months ago. Most of the women in the office are in their 30's and 40's and are married. They are all white. Her new boss is a single, black man in his mid-forties who has a lot of seniority with the state. Everything was okay with this guy for about a month. Tina tells me that he's a nice guy, but is starting to make passing remarks to all the women, especially her and is starting to make overt gestures. When I asked for specifics, she said that he likes to get very close to her to talk about routine business matters, and keeps his voice low. He has never touched her or any other of the other women, but Tina said it obvious that he likes to make his presence known. The women were talking about it and many just attribute it to him trying to be a player. It is not an every day thing, but she does mention it more frequently. About a week ago, I met her for lunch and on the way back, we bumped into him. He was outgoing and nice, and complimented Tina in front of me about was a good worker she is. He is also about 6'2, 225 lbs, obviously works out and is a good looking guy. Tina gave me a kiss and went into the office. Raymond (his name) was cool and continued talking to me, but I did notice he stole a glance as Tina walked away. We said good bye and I wet home. Tina came home a couple of hours later and was a little quiet, which meant she was upset. I asked her what was wrong and she said nothing and so i left it at that. A little while later, she finally old me what was wrong. About an hour before she left work, Raymond had walked up to her desk with a file. He stood very close to her, with his crotch only a few inches away from her face as she turned to respond to a question he asked her. Tina said it was a B.S. question, and it was obvious that he had positioned himself in that way. She told me she pulled back and looked up at him and he had a slight smile on his face as he asked the question. She said her face got red, stammered an answer, he said thanks and left. I calmed her down and said that it might have been a mistake on his part. I knew it wasn't but didn't say so. She shrugged it off in a couple of minutes. I asked her what it was about that made her face red. She said she was embarrassed about the incident, then go quiet for a few seconds...her face got red again and then said " it was a huge package" and then left the room. I have been a fan of D.C. for years without Tina knowing it. She came back into the room, and went next door to our friends house (they had already had something planned) I went into my den and J.O. fantasizing my wife with Raymond. So now the journey begins...
Sounds like an interesting development. You should let her know you would be ok with her encouraging his advances. Tell her you find it exciting that another man might be making passes at your wife. Tell her you know how sexy she is, and you are not surprised by his actions. Ask her if she would find it exciting flirting with him. She may find adding a little spice can make things interesting for everyone. Good Luck.
Yes, would love to stay with the events as they unfold. We both hope you continue to keep us notififed of her progress.

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