With or without panties



Ladies with the warm humid weather upon us. I am wondering how many of you are venturing out without wearing any panties when you head out wearing those nice skirts above the knee. I am in my office and I look around at those thighs with the ladies and their bare legs showing and I wonder who does not have their panties on. MMm I crave for a peak as you sit across from me during an office meeting or a lunch date. A hungry gents inquiring mind craves to know. ;)
Just about never wear them from Memorial Day until the end of September. Rarely wear pantyhose once I get a tan going. Baby, if you are hot looking and I know you are checking me out, watch me go to the ladies room. When I come out my panties are tucked neatly in my purse. :eek:
Yummm, why don't you go ahead and make your way to the ladies room and lose the panties...
Today it is over 95 degrees in Dayton, OH. My panties have been gone since 10:00AM :eek:
I always thought this sounded so thrilling though I haven't tired it yet. The warm weather is finally here so I'll have to work up the courage to actually try it. It sounds so exciting to strike up a conversation with a good looking black stranger at the grocery or mall, wondering what he would think if he knew Or out at an upscale club in a sexy dress and slipping my panties off in the ladies room. Not something I could picture doing with my husband but maybe a girls night out. A sexy black man starts chatting me up, obviously aware of my wedding ring. Maybe I'd tell him how I'd never done anything daring when younger and he'd suggest this as an opportunity to take a risk. accuse me of being too straight or uptight to do it. Then when I came back from the ladies room feeling my dress brushing against skin that was always covered, he'd make me open my purse and show him my sexy underwear crumpled inside. And every little detail being magnified, the tingling sensation of sitting there carrying on a conversation, knowing he knows, or feeling a cool chill when the air conditioning turns on. It sounds so exciting I really hope I can convince myself to try it. I'd love to hear others experiences who have actually done this.
Dear nothing is more exciting than being in a bar or restaurant au natural. A short or tight skirt that I know is showing off my figure. I love to tease and this is the ultimate tease.

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