Xmas vacation


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After deciding to drive and leave early we encounter a blizzard in Ohio.Traffic was slow moving and it took us twice as long to get to New Jersey. We call as we get close and you decided your own preparations. We arrive at your place and you come out to greet us giving us both a warm, welcoming hug. You get us inside and say plans have been changed. I ask why and you say since weve been driving so long you have planned dinner at your place. I smile and say Thank you. You take us to a room and show us the bathroom to freshen up. DeeAnna (my daughter) comments on how nice you are and attractive. I smile and blush. We decided to dress up since you took the time and offered your hospitality. I decide to put on a gown with 4" heels and Dee puts on a cute dress as well. We come out and by the look in your eyes, you like what you see. You offer me some wine and Dee a drink and we sit and chit chat till dinner was done.

You call us in the kitchen and like a perfect gentleman pull out our chairs. You sneak behind mine and can feel you brush against me and push in my chair. The dinner was remarkable as well as you. All through dinner we smile as our eyes meet, and you commented on how well we dress up and how lucky you are to have two beautiful blondes having dinner with you. After dinner we decide you should lay back and enjoy as we clean up, which you do most of the time, at one point you bring me some dishes and pat my ass. I smile. After dinner we go back to the family room to get more comfortable, your comments plentiful about us. We chat and decide we should get to our hotel as its late, but you said since its snowing so bad and we are tired we should stay. We dont want to impose but you insist. we go to the bedroom you took us to and help us get ready, moving suitcases and such. We unpack some things and Dee decides to change into some shorts and tank top, I stay dressed up. We talk for abit more and Dee goes to bed, we decide to talk more. After a few min I stand up and you do and we kiss, long, deep, and wet. I feel your hands roam and especially fond of grabbing my ass. We kiss and you whisper the only bedtime Im getting is with you. you grab my hand and lead me to the room next to my daughters. You look at me and tell me to turn around, you unzip and let the dress drop to the floor as Im standing in my heels and stockings. You notice Im not wearing panties and ask if all of us in my family dont wear panties to dinner, I just smile. You undress to your underwear and push me on the bed and climb on top of me. We kiss as you explore your new playground. I push you on your back as I lick down your chest, belly and remove your underwear revealing one of the biggest dicks Ive ever seen. I look and smile and say plenty to go around. I grab your dick and eagerly wrap my lips around it, taking my time, learning you, making love to your dick. After about 30 min of giving you head you grab my head and say get up here, we kiss more as I feel you get between my legs, feeling my moist pussy. You tell me you been waiting for this pussy a while and now its time to make it yours. You drop between my legs and dive in, you get my legs spread and eat my pussy like it was your last, getting deep with your tongue, fingers until my juices are flowing. You finally come up for air and come up and kiss me, telling me to see how I taste. I feel your legs position me as you position yours to keep them open, my hands pinned above my head. I feel the head of your cock enter my pussy, as you say tight, not for long. I feel you go in more and more and didnt think it would ever end. Finally after a bit I feel you balls deep, and you take it slow for a few getting me use to you, making me wetter. After that you pick up speed, I ask to slow down but you just say that your bbc loves being in me and you want to make sure this white girl knows what bbc is. Legs on your shoulders you pound my pussy, harder with every thrust.I start to moan and groan telling me to fuck my pussy and make it yours. I get louder with every thrust as you share your own thoughts about keeping me around and making me your nasty slut. After a bit you pull out, flip be on my tummy and tell me to get that ass up. You slide it back in my perfect fitting love canal, and give me no mercy. You spread my ass apart and spank me as you take whats yours. then you spit on my ass and I feel you insert a thumb in my tight chute, as you say thats next. I tell you whatever you want youll get. You say good, you have a few things that I have and you want. I cum for the 7th time, as with that release I hear you breath heavier and thrust different, You tell me youre going to cum, and pin me down good so I cant move. You have a six day load and Im taking it all, you announce. You moan as I feel you pump my pussy full of seed,, deep into my womb. We collapse with you in me, and tell me that this pussy will be going back with a workout, but wouldnt say much after that. You pull out and lay back and I eagerly go to your dick and suck it, clean it. I crawl back up to you and you say to go to sleep morning will be here, daughter will be up, and I have a whole new day to learn how to please you.

...to be continued

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