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I am curious to help a white girl get blacked
Wow, i am a white husband who has just spent the last two days looking and reading the captioned pictures. Let me tell you, i am not even done viewing yet, but know i fully understand and desire to have my wife blacked. Warning even if you think you can handle it, viewing these pictures will start training you on what is right and what should naturally happen. I wish my wife would have allowed me to show her these before she left me for introducing the black bull idea to hastily. But know i know i must be very tactfull, and train little white sluts for one thing....a big black monster cock that will tear open her pussy with new found girth and length. I crave to think about the first time i will be able to kiss and taste a hot white woman's pussy filled with her lovers black cum. This internet must be training more and more white couples everyday. When shown the reality of what another black cock can do to you white wife's pussy, i am sooooo curious. I know that soon the woman will thank me as she cums with intensity than any white cock could ever deliver. Any one know where to get good steps to introducing your wife/girlfriend to black cock slowly so you dont scare her away? ;D
nikitashubby said:
Congrats. Welcome to the rabbit hole.....
I cant get enough interracial porn but the amateur ir is taking things to a new level

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